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My American Idol Addiction

I just got to witness music history in the making. Casey Abrams on American Idol tonight was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. I have fallen hard for this guy and I can’t wait to see where he goes after Idol. ‘Cause I want to be in the front row. Advertisements

TV Commercials

The downside to Netflix, “On Demand”, and DVRs–my 2 year old cries when she sees commercials. What is instant gratification going to do to the next generation? Very scary thoughts…

On and on and on…..

Well, I am incredibly embarrassed to admit this, but I just feel awful that I neglected so many great and important relationships in my life for so long. But better late than never, I guess.  Like Megan said recently at Andrea’s bridal shower–after seeing so many bridges we’ve burned, its really awesome when you discover … Continue reading

March Indiana Trip Part 2

Sarah came to get me and Gwennie for Andrea’s bridal shower Saturday morning. I got to french braid Sarah’s hair–which was a first–and I’m not going to lie, I kept tripping over the word “straight” because my mom was sitting right there next to us.  Yes, there’s a million different stories hidden in that one … Continue reading

Making a Business Plan

It is often difficult to articulate what we want to get out of life. I have always been skeptical of those people who go around and speak publicly about how having a “business plan” for life can help you plan your life with greater results than achieved through desire alone. But as I have been … Continue reading

March Indiana Trip Part 1

A weekend full of family, good friends, and good times. I don’t think I can express how badly I needed that. Hubby followed Gwennie and I up on the motorcycle because the weather was so beautiful and got to go out riding with my dad for the first time. I know it made both of … Continue reading

The guillotine may have been more humane…

Today I pulled my old Barbies, rescued a few weekends back from my parents’, out for Gwendolen to play with. We were trying something new today–using a timer for 15 minute intervals of playing with her or cleaning or writing–so what better time than now to bring them out, right? Apparently Ken is scary. She … Continue reading

Stacks and stacks and stacks of books

I’ve been working nonstop this week to get books inventoried since I’m now registered to do business in Arkansas. Silly me didn’t back up all the work I had done previously, so when my laptop died, all my work went with it. Now I have a back up hard drive and a much more organized … Continue reading

An Examined Life

In my sophomore year of high school I was embroiled in some issues that my family and I couldn’t resolve. I’m not entirely certain why it hurt my mother as badly as it did, but I think the biggest culprit was that she thought she knew exactly who I was and I managed to turn … Continue reading

The biggest difference

I think the biggest difference between us probably was and is the difference in priorities that she cited. And I think the biggest and most important one might be that I don’t think that you can or should ever overlook things in a person you truly love. That isn’t really loving someone–its loving the idea … Continue reading