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Making a Business Plan

It is often difficult to articulate what we want to get out of life. I have always been skeptical of those people who go around and speak publicly about how having a “business plan” for life can help you plan your life with greater results than achieved through desire alone. But as I have been researching how to devise a business plan for both Water Flowing West (my crafty stuff) and Malachite & Moon Used Books, I am beginning to see that I am not only creating goals for my ventures, but setting goals to successfully support the life I would like to lead.

While researching the business license application process for the state Arkansas, I was directed to a site that offers free online business courses for the aspiring entrepreneur. And its actually helpful! It makes you ask the right questions of yourself—not necessarily what your venture is selling or doing, but what do you want the people who come in to your store think of and feel? Sometimes we get so lost in the products that we forget that the experience itself can do as much, if not more, for a business than the end product itself. Yes, we still want instant gratification. But instant gratification that has substance? That’s what millions are made on.



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