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Purity Pledges

I was under the impression that we had been taking giant strides forward in women’s rights. It is shameful that we are instead being thrown backward. On a side note, as long as there are people out there shouting about equal rights and reparations, equality will never happen. I know that I am not oppressed, … Continue reading

And now for some good news

Made it back from my appointment. Watching all the people coming in and out for chemo and radiation was more than a little depressing. But the doctor doesn’t seem too concerned about me. He is having some more bloodwork sent off and I have to wait around 2 weeks for the results, but he suggested … Continue reading

Totally terrified

Today I am ridiculously nervous. About a month and a half ago I began the process of scheduling an elective surgery. It had to get pushed back since I was admitted into the hospital for seizures and my husband had to work the day it was previously scheduled to make up for lost time while … Continue reading

Tales of a Drunken Singer

Tales of a Drunken Singer This is definitely a site to check out, if you haven’t already. I went to high school with this guy, and I can attest that he has always been hilarious. And he is a brilliant writer as well. On a side note, I was just telling my hubby a funny … Continue reading

Back to wordpress

Well, I decided to come back here to write. I know the site here and its just easier than transferring everything at this point. Hope my readers come back with me. Sorry for not writing for so long. I had a lot of jewelry to catch up on as well as my paid writing gig … Continue reading