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Another Poem

Untitled Because the leaves are orange tinged with crimson, the tree looks like its burning, like a hundred long candles lighting up the afternoon. The persimmons, not yet ripe, are easy to cut through. The core, or the pit, as the case may be, is split down the middle along the crease by my father’s … Continue reading

A Glass of Sprite (via FreeRangeKids)

Wonderful post with great, clear, concise writing. Teaching self-reliance can be tough work for both parties at times, but the rewards are undeniable. Had to share! Hi Readers! I loved this letter from a guy named Brad. You may, too. — L. Dear Free-Range Kids:  I happened to rabbit-hole into your blog tonight, and read … Continue reading

The Mystery of Grace–My Review

The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint My rating: 5 of 5 stars Charles de Lint never fails to impress me. Some writers can tell a fantastic story. They can make their characters live and breathe–and their stories reflect this. The truly gifted ones are able to populate the world with stories and characters … Continue reading

Let’s give this a try….

Under Your Skin Where is the place your broken dreams go? Would I find myself reflected if I were to look? Where do you hide your shattered hopes? Would my name be fragmented on every wall? How do you disguise your open scars? Would my face torment, as though I was salt? Where do you … Continue reading