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Happy Days

March Indiana Trip Part 1

A weekend full of family, good friends, and good times. I don’t think I can express how badly I needed that. Hubby followed Gwennie and I up on the motorcycle because the weather was so beautiful and got to go out riding with my dad for the first time. I know it made both of them very happy. I feel very lucky that two of the most important men in my life get along so well.

Right after we got to Henderson, my dad called and asked, “Are you cussing yet?” Apparently a barge ran into the bridge, and while they were able to open the southbound lanes fairly quickly, the northbound lanes were closed for hours while they waited on the Coast Guard and did damage control. We backtracked and detoured through Owensboro, which added close to two hours to the trip. It was well worth it though because we might still be sitting there. đŸ™‚

We got to spend Friday night with my first “husband” (if you want to read this story, let me know and I’ll work on it) and his wife and kiddos. Austin’s 9, Caleb just turned 5, and little Hailey with the beautiful curls (which I insist come from MY side of the family) just celebrated her first birthday.  Ryan has never been a drinker, but it was good, albeit a little odd, to see him share a beer with my husband. I love that no matter how long it has actually been since we saw each other, it felt like yesterday.



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