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March Indiana Trip Part 2

Sarah came to get me and Gwennie for Andrea’s bridal shower Saturday morning. I got to french braid Sarah’s hair–which was a first–and I’m not going to lie, I kept tripping over the word “straight” because my mom was sitting right there next to us.  Yes, there’s a million different stories hidden in that one sentence, but I definitely don’t have the time to tell all of them. 🙂

Seeing Andrea is always a joy. I mean that. She is like my own personal sunshine and its impossible not to feel content and peaceful in her presence. If everyone had an Andrea in their lives, the world would be a much better place. Michelle and Brittany did an awesome job decorating and planning, and there was a good mix of family and friends, although it kind of felt like a flute line reunion for a moment. It made me remember those teeny, tiny but oh so significant details of teenage life–it had me thinking of ducks and flamingoes and what are those things called–elbows?? and pick-me-ups and all of those other feelings and inside jokes of belonging. It made me remember throwing a tomato up to the ceiling and watching it stick on the tile and laughing about it two months later when school started and it was still there (well, the stain from it that is). I remember making up songs to sing at the cheerleaders during pep band (2 bits, 4 bits…), that rollercoaster thing we did “watching” the football games, and Tom in a kilt.

There are so many good memories and sharing that day with Andrea, Shelly, Ashley, and Meggie-Megs reminded me that remembering the good while still moving forward is a beautiful and bittersweet testament to the enduring power of friendships.  You CAN go back and old friendships never die if you can remember one “Do you wanna buy a duck?” or that new boy with the ears and the elbows moment.

Just remember girls, we don’t sweat–we glisten (and were glistening long before those stupid vampires stole it). 🙂



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