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Lost Muttering

I can’t help but wonder if my heart will always hurt and feel heavy when certain faces are around (or at least in the pictures behind my eyes). Over a year later I am still bereft, and poking at the missing limb that was us. I still feel lost–standing here in the middle of this … Continue reading

The Pen Gets Mightier – Magazine – The Atlantic

The Pen Gets Mightier – Magazine – The Atlantic. James Fallows, a writer with the magazine the Atlantic, is an outspoken advocate of the livescribe pulse pen. I’ll be the first to admit that I am a little behind on the times, but I can’t believe that I have been able to overlook this product … Continue reading

Original Sin

  I cannot believe in “original sin.”  I cannot fathom how an infant can be anything but clean and pure and fresh and new.  How can anyone look into the eyes of a newborn and claim that he or she is in any way wrong.  And what is this original sin?  If I understand correctly, … Continue reading

Crooks Target Elderly Man’s Heating Unit – WREG

Crooks Target Elderly Man’s Heating Unit – WREG. This is just ridiculously sad. Stealing an 81 year old man’s heater?!?!?!

My Views on Sex Education–*May contain words and ideas that others find explicit*

Sex education needs to be demystified.  We should not be embarrassed by what is a biological imperative.  Masturbation is the key.  Knowing and understanding how to give and take pleasure for others or for yourself should be part of basic education.  When a child knows how to achieve an orgasm, with a partner and through … Continue reading


I think this is beautiful and its about damn time for us to shock people out of complacency.

The state of my house closely resembles the state in my head–cluttered and unfocused. I have many varied interests, and in wanting to do them all I think overwhelm myself so I am able to just put it off. I am the queen of procrastination, I can assure you of that. Some very random thoughts … Continue reading