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My Soapbox Rant of the Day

I’ve been trying to stay as far away from the Casey Anthony case as I can. But since the media just can’t seem to let it go, I figured I’d step up on my soapbox on this issue too.

Yesterday morning I was at the doctor’s office getting my staples removed, and the TV in the waiting room was playing “Good Morning America” or something. The anchor was interviewing the still surprisingly (in my opinion) svelte Star Jones and another woman that I didn’t recognize. Since there was no concrete evidence (namely DNA evidence) that could convince the jury of her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt she was acquitted of the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Whether or not she murdered her daughter, it could not be proved to the jurors that there wasn’t some possible margin of error. That’s our justice system at work–and it DID work, people, exactly the way it was made to do.

My problem comes into play when Star Jones and the other “legal expert” commented that since we live in a “CSI” world, juries look only for concrete (my word, not hers) evidence. She, and millions, I’m sure, of people all over the world wanted a conviction based on emotional reactions rather than hard evidence. What??!?! Sure the case was heartbreaking, but it cannot be judged on that alone. And why on earth would we want convictions based on little to no evidence? Do we want to go back to the dark ages (called that for a reason, people) and revisit the inquisition? That is what her conviction would’ve set us up for.

I find what happened to Caylee Anthony shameful, but I find the reaction of the general public even more so.



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