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Purity Pledges

I was under the impression that we had been taking giant strides forward in women’s rights. It is shameful that we are instead being thrown backward. On a side note, as long as there are people out there shouting about equal rights and reparations, equality will never happen.

I know that I am not oppressed, and for that I consider myself very lucky. I hope to raise my daughter to feel the same way. I want her to be aware of the oppression in the world, and I also want her to know that she can take actions to make other people’s lives better.

And that is why I am so appalled and outraged by purity balls and purity pledges. It is archaic and ridiculous that any man can own the virginity or body of another person. How is that not a form of slavery?

My father never “owned” me; instead he gave me the tools I needed to make the right decisions for myself. I do not regret having sex before marriage, and I think that is because my parents taught me well. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

Every woman should be the sole keeper of her virginity without fear of disappointing her family or offending society. I find nothing wrong with a purity pledge on more or less a case by case basis. But I think that, should a young women decide to make that vow, she should be making it to herself and her future. And if she chooses to include her father, it should be with gratitude that her parents let her make the right choices for herself at the right times.

Your body and your life, and what you choose to make of it, is yours and yours alone. If you want a man to own you, go live in the Middle East–we’re liberated here. 🙂



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