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Book #7: The Elements of Style

Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style is a tiny little book, but it is the best go to guide for any English language question. As my generation transitions from student to teacher (how odd it feels sometimes), this is a valuable reference for teaching subsequent generations proper language skills, which is incredibly important.

Disagree with that? I have an example that might make you think twice. I’m sure you’re all at least aware of a genre of literature termed science fiction. And now it represents much more than books. I am still horrified that the “SciFi” channel changed their name to “Sy Fy”. It may be visually pleasing, but I can’t abide the further degradation of language. Don’t pander to the imbeciles! Have some dignity!

Okay, I’m off my soap box again. Strunk and White. Elements of Style. Grammar and language are too important to lose.
1. Mists of Avalon
2. Atlas Shrugged
3. Hearts in Atlantis
4. God is not Great
5. My War: Killing Time in Iraq
6. Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay
7. The Elements of Style



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