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Our Story Part 2

I think those first few months in Dallas living with my then fiance and his father were some of the best of my life. There was so much to do and to see and we were often more overwhelmed with the choices than anything else. We sampled a new restaurant every week for the better part of six months and if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say we visited maybe 1/50 of what Dallas had to offer. We tasted everything, drank a lot, laughed a lot, and just lived a lot. The Cadillac Bar had the best margaritas.

Dallas has this amazing transportation system called DART that includes trains and buses that will take you to every crack and crevice in the massive city. So we job-hunted and explored. There’s this amazing artsy entertainment district called Deep Ellum that has every flavor bar or club you can think of. There’s Trees–and yes, it has actual trees in the place, Coyote Ugly, where every girl can live out her dance on the bar fantasy, places that could make you feel posh and sophisticated right next door to down-home soul food-soul music, folksy, bluesy type places (Allgood Music Cafe was our favorite). We frequented the Gypsy Tea Room (now The Door apparently) where Laura’s boyfriend, Tim, and Nick worked. We got to see so many really fabulous bands but the standouts for me were Flogging Molly (punk-Irish mix–is there anything better?) where some guy I didn’t know took a picture my boob after it was autographed by the guitarist (sorry Mom!) and Juliana Hatfield–I actually got to meet her which was way cooler for me than it was for her. Go figure, huh?

Looking back on it now makes me want to go do it all over again. Maybe when Gwennie’s older we’ll get the chance. I wish I was writing all of this better, but it is first draft stuff, so I’ll fill things in as needed. And remembered. šŸ™‚ Hope someone enjoys reading it as much as I do reliving it. šŸ™‚



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