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The Mystery of Grace–My Review

The Mystery of GraceThe Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Charles de Lint never fails to impress me. Some writers can tell a fantastic story. They can make their characters live and breathe–and their stories reflect this. The truly gifted ones are able to populate the world with stories and characters that are as real–sometimes even more so–as every day life. Other writers are gifted in the craft of the words themselves. They have a passion for they way words feel in our ears and the way they taste on our tongues. They write vividly and truly. The writers that are masters of both (a very short list in my opinion, including to date, but very definitely not limited to: Charles de Lint, Stephen King, T.C. Boyle, and Margaret Atwood) leave indelible marks in readers, writers, and the world itself.

This book in particular left me awestruck. I was held in thrall of Grace’s world and of John’s. Not to mention Abigail’s. The bridges between these worlds is a wild ride that everyone should take.

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